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The College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering offers courses of graduate study leading to degrees so our students may increase their knowledge, further their careers, and succeed in their fields.

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Being a student at UNA means an awesome on campus or online experience, world class academics, caring and compassionate faculty, and opportunities to learn in an inclusive and diverse environment.  At the heart of it all is the UNA College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering. We are here to ignite your passions and to expand your horizons.

Why College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering?

Being part of the UNA College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering makes you part of the largest and most diverse learning community at UNA. We are here to support you on your academic adventure. Check out our website and follow us on social media to learn about all of the resources available, from scholarships and 研究 funding to experiential learning opportunities in each and every department across the college.



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The College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering offers a wealth of services, programs and activities that enhance and support your educational experience, both inside and outside the classroom. CASE encourages you to become involved in all that our university has to offer.

Please reach out if we can be of assistance, case@deejaygenesis.com - we are here to help you thrive in your journey.

Commitment to 多样性

The University of North Alabama College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering is committed to providing an environment within our campus and community that fosters knowledge, 技能, artistic and cultural enrichment, 研究, and discovery by supporting diversity, independence, cr吃ivity, and innovation.

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College of Arts, 科学, and Engineering
601 Cramer Way, Room 217 | UNA Box 5021
P: 256.765.4288
Dr. Sara Lynn Baird
Dr. Jeffrey Bibbee
Associate 迪安
Dr. 瑞安Zayac
Associate 迪安
Ms. LeeAnna Brown
Director of Recruiting, Communication, 事件, and the Undergraduate Experience
Ms. Tammy Rhodes
Director, First-Year Experience
Ms. Lori Wright
Business Manager
Ms. Elgie Garner
Executive Assistant